A very blah day

I have to make a note here to pay attention a few days after the next full moon (June 5) to see if it is the moon beginning to wane that may be having an effect on my motivation and energy today. Of course the Beltane tide is also coming to an end, we are still in a unseasonably cold period, with wind and Gods alone know what else. But I have had so little gumption today, despite having had a good and relatively dreamless sleep last night that I will be glad to see the morrow, in hopes it is different.

KITTENS2WKSWe did manage to drag the 2 week old kittens out of their hidey hole today, to take mug shots. At this point the black, upper left and the orange, lower right, are spoken for, and I am considering keeping the little grey one, bottom center. Kittens always help one to feel better, right? I did end up spending far too much time sitting with Miss Kitty in my lap, dozing on and off. At least I was warm!

Also got the two small hex signs that photographed and packaged to ship tomorrow, and started on the custom job. I have some modification of an existing design, to make it easier to paint in a smaller size, and a total custom job to work on, just don’t have the inspiration.

These are the two signs that will be on their way tomorrow, both 12″ diameter. Domestic Longhair kitty protection and Protection from the Evil Eye. Current project is a recreation of a wedding blessing sign that has badly weathered over time.

My silly sheep were wondering what was up today, as when chore time came around, there was enough snow on the ground that I could not see enough actual grass to justify putting them out to pasture. They do have a tendency to look for the grass that is greener outside the electric fence, and I had no idea how the melt would go. We had grass by mid-afternoon, but I opted to leave them in, with a goodly supply of hay, until tomorrow.

While I was out, I eyeballed the area, closer to the house but still inside the poultry yard, where I plan to put the new young birds later this week, before my broody hen’s eggs start to hatch. Usually I make a “playpen” with a fence separating them from the grown fowl and a tarp-wrapped large dog crate for shelter, at the other end of the poultry yard, close to the coop. This year, with a fox having been seen, I want the young birds as close to the house and to the dog as is practical. I will have to do some adjusting of fence panels and find another one or two (there are some laying around) to make this happen, SONY DSCand it won’t be tomorrow due to a forecast of rain, but at least I have it scoped out. I declared Mama Hen broody 21 days ago as of this coming Friday, so I will begin watching for babies late in the week and through the weekend. Because of predators and the tendency for the littles to get through the 2″ poultry netting, I bring the babies in the house to brood, but it is always nice to have “make here” poultry. I am thinking that the broody hen is our home-grown Buckshot, a last year’s hatch. I will make sure to band her this year so I can tell her from the other 4 black hens!

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