Adjusting life for efficiency

SONY DSCSay good bye to the last bit of snow that greeted me this morning as I went out to do chores. Definitely enough grass for the sheep to go to pasture and since the rain did not start as scheduled, they had no reason the complain! Amazing.

As I went off to the post office this morning to ship some small hex signs, enjoying the warmer weather and the apparent lack of rain clouds gathering to bless us mid-day, as predicted, I was mentally plotting potential projects for my return. I have many things that need doing outside, beyond planting more in the garden, and I felt motivated to begin pulling down electric fence, to be re-set elsewhere, and to allow us to see exactly where the previously planted small trees stand, compared to where we will shortly be planting the silver cottonwood seedlings. I did not, however, factor in the bio-security protocols that I am observing. After dropping my clothes, bathing and wrapping my wet hair in a towel, I realized that while it was warmer than it had been, it was a long ways from comfortable weather to immediately confront with a wet head. Oops!

Looks like I have a new protocol to remember: plan quick trips to our local berg for “the end of the business day”, hard as that will be to manage since I do not set clocks forward here on the farm. But if I can remember to pull out of on-farm projects and run to town at 3 pm standard time, I will have sufficient time to do an errand or even two before “close of business” and when I come home and do my cleaning routine, it will be nearly time to start supper. I can either return, do evening chores early and bathe or just bathe and send K to bring the woolly ones in and offer sweet feed. In any case, I won’t have lost a good day’s outdoor work, as happened today. Yes, it was partly the result of my having sat down to finish drying off, getting a small cat on my lap and falling asleep. I admit it. But since that is often the case, better to plan it into the routine than not, eh?

I have been working on organizing the kitchen (again!) and painting on the recreation wedding hex and hopefully tomorrow I can make soil blocks, plant seeds and maybe do some mending and work on my rain jacket.

While I was in the poultry yard today I did some fussing to get what will be the west SONY DSCfence of the “playpen” for the young chickens set in place. The goal is to keep the ducks from slipping between that fence and the sheep fence to lay their eggs, so having a few days before doing much more will be a good test. Next job will be setting another light weight T-post and adjusting fence panels on the south boundary, then I need to figure out the north and east fencing, get the dog crate out there and tarped and rake up some waste hay for the little guys and gals to use for bedding.  Bullseye’s clutch should start hatching this weekend. 21 days from when I declared her broody and began tucking other eggs under her will be up Friday.

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