Lovely day with appropriate weather!

After getting the stuffing kicked out of us Friday by the temperature high in the high 80s, F, it was a joy to sit and spin in long sleeves, in the sunshine with a handful of fellow

Social Distance Outdoor Spin was held here!

spinners Saturday morning! I did not get a picture. Thought about it, but after a rough start to the morning — still feeling beat from the previous day plus my right hip decided to try to tell me it did not want to walk — and almost deciding not to go, the hip gave up it’s complaints, K loaded my chair, wheel and fiber into Jack and off I went. This was not quite our usual monthly spin-in, as the library where we meet is still closed to meetings, but we picked a location by the war memorials behind the building, adjacent to some lovely blooming bushes, and set up our chairs, wheels, and even a supported spindle for a couple of hours of fiber and conversation.

It was fun and I totally enjoyed it, but upon returning home I realized that 8 or so SONY DSC“people hours” of interaction is enough to leave me peopled out. Other friends were coming to pick dandelions and the neighbor was here working on the porch disaster, but encounters were brief and the time spent in solitude in the garden restored me.

I did not get any more planting done, but did deploy one soaker hose (which does 2 rows, one down and one  up, now that the rows are shorter, and got started on the trellis for the peas. I also noted garlic beginning to emerge, some of the potatoes and of course the onions, brassica and lettuce transplants next to the emerging spinach. I finally took time to photograph the fruit trees, too, as the cherry and plum trees are in blossom, and there

may even be one or two on the pear trees that the deer seem to like so much!  I need to secure the tripods for the hops, as the light weight PVC is easily moved by the wind, and I hope to start mulching trees soon, as well as taking the weed whacker to the grass around the fruit trees and other fruiting plants and then begin work with the push mower. How long all that will take we will have to see.

By the time the neighbor broke off work, he had reinforced the porch and eliminated the sag, so I can do chores out the back door again! Yay!

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