No sunburn, productive day!

It was windy and cool enough today that I was able to work in 3/4 sleeves, keeping the worst of my sunburn under wraps. Yay! It is not a bad one, but adding more sun at this point would not be helpful, especially as we have multiple kittens in explorer mode. They are learning to climb, to get over things and all of this activity requires used of their tiny baby claws. Ow!


I completed the pea trellis today, did a lot of watering (one hour session with the soaker hose, then let it drain out, move, and start the next section for an hour. In the end the SONY DSCentire garden that has been planted thus far has been watered, another row made and planted (beets) and some other odd seeds tucked into places where either nothing was planted or did not grow.  I still have more paper mulch, so I think the main garden may well all get done this way, this year. Planting is done for a week or so; we have a 40 degree F overnight low tonight and several lows predicted to be nearly this low in a week or so — after several days of highs mid week this week that will push, or see, 90F! Talk about a crazy weather pattern! Tomorrow, though I will put the tomatoes out to begin hardening off, covering them if it is warranted later on. My hope is to plant them in the ground the end of the month, as is my custom. This year may change that! I will wait until after the next round of lows in the 40s before putting the vine crops out to harden off. At least they look to have given me decent germination!

SONY DSCThe broody hen is still at it, with a new egg in her nest and a chick that I found this morning having joined its kin in the brooder box.  She is still sitting, so we wait and see.  It seems to have leg issues, but at least managed to get out of the egg by itself!

All in all, this was a productive day and I am sure the body will be complaining about it tomorrow! Time to take my evening meds, apply salve to arms that already hurt, and see about finding sleep.

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