‘Nother damn town day then fun on the farm

Tuesday, May 26 – Chores done, I am biding time until K calls me to help dig Artie’s summer tires out of the garage to take to the mechanic for swap with the winter tires. Yes, I am way late, but with the relaxation of rules of late, it was easy to forget. K noticed the studs last week and made my appointment.

After that I will bring the winter tires back home but I need to head into town for meds pick up for Himself and to deliver the rear rim and front wheel from Fergie for their work. The Ferg also needs a new gasket, I am told, so I have to pick up material for that and will hope to knock a few other things off my list, that can be done at Sams club, Tractor Supply and Home Depot.

OMcDThis is only the run-up to the OMFG too hot spell of weather we are expecting, so hopefully I will be able to get out back and at least begin moving pasture fence this evening after the sheep come in for the night. As sore as I am from yesterday farm gym workout, I am not sure I can do it all in one session.


Wednesday May 27 – The OMFG hot spell melted my brain and I did not get this posted. LOL Pasture fence got moved. Trial set in the evening, adjusting and pounding it in for real the next day. Which I guess was this morning. LOL It’s the heat, not just the pandemic, melting one day into another here. Sheep were out to eat the fresh grass, but spent more time than usual in the sheep shed. They were hot, too! I hope it does not rain Saturday morning, as my shearing gal is scheduled to come make them more comfy in the heat! Then, if all goes as planned, we will help a homesteading friend move her rabbits to the new homestead they just signed the contract on.  It will be a social distancing project, but we will get to see their new digs and spent a bit of time with wonderful folks (and critters!!)

Look forward to tomorrow’s edition of “what’s up with that crazy farming artist” as I will have some interesting pix, observations and thoughts to share after we go around picking up shock poles and collecting the worn out electric fence wire I have been pulling. This is the first time I had visited our little “proto-forest” since the big wind storms earlier this month and there was much to see and to contemplate. But it needs pix and while pulling wire this evening, that was my only focus.




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