And what a week it was!

I am feeling very thankful this morning for the weather gods offering of relief from the oppressive heat which hit us much, much earlier than usual here in the northlands. May, between the recognized Memorial Day holiday and the traditional May 30th date may be the commercially touted “beginning of summer” but it has never, in my experience, been true here at my favorite latitude. But we have had a week of it and even some of the sun- and heat lovers I have encountered in my goings about have been calling “uncle.” Too much, too early, with no run up to the low 90F highs and humidity left more than just us humans here at hex central wilting and crabby.

My brain has been in such melt down for the week, that it took literally that long for me to remember to document my “spinners sunburn” from the previous Saturday’s social distance spin-in!

Yesterday’s exploits included, finally, connecting with my sheep shearer get to fleeces off my hot and miserable charges. Major Tom proved to still be a brown sheep underneath, though I was giving him grief beforehand for looking like an unkempt “bottle blonde.” And somehow, Enterprise has become more of a spotted sheep under all that wool It will be very interesting to see how they work up into roving. The shearing started a bit late, as it was raining at my shearer’s place and she was a bit nervous of coming, since we have to shear outside. Though it had rained enough to have dampened things, it was not much more here than a heavy dew might have offered, and both the ground where we shear and she sheep were dry.

There is always one in the flock — regardless of flock size, apparently — who has to be a ass and this time it was Enterprise. Edie was almost done with him, the last of the three, when he attempted to make a break for it. Edie held on — at one point by only one of his legs, twisting and rolling with his gyrations to both keep hold of him and not injure the sheep. It was amazing to behold and quite the rodeo and the rolled and were tossed (human, not sheep) about until she finally gained the upper hand again and I was able to hand her the clippers. Which Major Tom immediately unplugged from the power cord. I got them reconnected, Edie did the last bit and off she went for other jobs. That gal has grit!

Then I headed off to what was supposed to be a simple gig, hauling a truck load of Angora bunnies to their new home. Their owner, my friend Allison, recently closed on a delightful new home (with her fellow) and working around both of their work schedules, are doing a slow move… made a bit more complicated because they are not just moving household goods, but also livestock and other critters. I believe the count included parakeets, a turtle, several cats, a dog (the easiest of the lot, as he kept loading himself into the truck, making sure he did not get left behind!), the bunnies, two sheep and flocks of chickens and ducks (some of which are broody and setting on eggs. There are also horses, but they are boarded off site and will be the last to go, after fencing is installed.

In any case, we ended up with another sheep rodeo when the second ewe got loose while the first was being led to the horse trailer by her horns (Jacobs sheep… even the ewes have horns). Half a dozen people (not counting me, since I do *not* run) attempting to herd a single sheep… minus sheep dog… minus cowboy with roping skills, which none of the horsey crowd have mastered, dammit) made for a long, hot project. The sheep was finally caught, as she had worn herself out and apparently overheated as well… going into convulsions at one point before getting drenched with cold well water from the hose. Fortunately she had been recently shorn and the cool down did the trick. The got a makeshift halter on her and, with the rope also behind her rear, she was escorted to the trailer.

1464136777After depositing bunnies in the shade of an apple tree and taking a self-guided tour of the amazing new home (one of the most perfect ones I have ever see… it actually incorporates *all* of the features that I designed into, or added on to, previous homes that I have owned! It is, however, way bigger than anything I have personally experienced, save this 3-story tall, historic home in Neenah, WI (left) I seem to remember that this house had something like 27 bedrooms, but what I remember most is the butler’s pantry (only one I have ever seen).  My friend’s new home is designed with passive solar features, and though it only has two stories, it boasts two full kitchens, a stove in the basement for canning, and enough bathrooms that I kidded her about being the reason for the TP shortage! (actually, there are only 4.)

SONY DSCThen I went on to Dexter to pick up some masks that a friend had made, and to get her to diagnose the problem with my knitting. Which turned out only to be a problem with my brain. I thought I had made some crazy mistake, as the result of knitting while asleep (yes, apparently it is a thing. LOL) but in the end the problem apparently was a bad tangle of yarn (knitting from both ends — inside and outside of a single center pull ball, on two-at-a-time, toe up socks — it does happen) and a brain fart on my part, compounded by not picking up the project for WAY too long, as a result of the initial confusion. Bev sorted me out and I will pick it up again later today, as I am taking a lazy day despite the wonderfully cool temperatures.

I am not moving very well, yet today — the result of a hard days work on Friday, despite the heat, and the lack of a much needed Epsom salt soak that evening. I was just about to log off the computer after checking the weather that evening, when everything went dark. Totally unexpected and apparently not weather-related power outage meant no well pump and therefore no hot bath. Apparently a car and a pole had a disagreement, with a human caught in the cross fire (I heard they were life-flighted out to hospital). It was all put right in an hour or so, but by that time I had used a bit of stored water to wash off the DEET (being thankful, for once, for the warm weather!), finished my glass of wine and was almost asleep.

So, while I am most thankful for the more seasonal temperatures and even more thankful that they will stick around for a bit, my day today will be spent puttering, mostly in the house. I did add a bit more color (and discomfort on the upper arm) yesterday, on the sun burnt arm. I have a big hex to finish, house to pick up and back porch to attack, clearing up the last of the debris from the fallen bakers rack so we can complete work on the porch. More than enough for one day. And yes, some knitting to do, as well.

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