Two steps back, one in another direction entirely.

Tried to make metaphoric hay today and did indeed get *some* stuff done. But as those of you who farm or homestead know, I am sure, there are days when its two (or more…) steps back for every one that might go forward or at least sideways (which is not backwards! LOL)

SONY DSCMy intention for today was to lay down another weed block section and prepare to, if not actually to do so, plant some bean seeds. I took the camera to the garden to take a pic of my watering set up (left) only to discover that the winds overnight had felled my pea trellis (right).  Focusing on the positive, you will note a Y with another Y allowing me to run, currently, 3 soakers at once. I can put a second Y on the left hand side and run 4 at once, which I will do soon. These three, with long soakers that watered one or more rows at a time, were sufficient to complete the SONY DSCwatering of the currently planted rows.  You can see a bit of the felled pea trellis at the top of this image, but the one on the right does it more justice. At least it appears to still be mostly connected together, and I am hoping to right it tomorrow, after the winds die down a bit. I will be inserting some pieces of rebar to help give it a bit more stability — like we do for the

Pea trellis

tomato trellis — when we do so.  In case you forgot, this is what it is supposed to look like!

Rather than trying to lay down the strips of weed block in the winds, I opted to have Tractor Guy help me deploy the bag of old clover seed we were given onto the part of the garden that will no longer be used. Since I am no longer doing market gardening, and am scaling back the size due to, among many reasons, old age, there was a part he was not going to till . Since the germination rate of this seed will be minimal, I figured to throw it in the transitional area where, if it grows, I might scythe it as treats for the sheep or for friends rabbits. If it doesn’t grow, I am out a bit of time and a wee bit of tractor fuel, no big deal. Tractor Guy was doing a light cultivation for weed control on the part of the garden that will be fallow as well as what I have not yet planted, so  this was just a small diversion. He also cultivated where my next row of trees will go. Boy, do I have lots of things to catch up with!

SONY DSCWhile I was in the garden I started doing the first SONY DSCcultivation of the potatoes, completing one bed. The other is where the trellis fell, so it has to wait. A few of the potato plants got bit by the frost but I am not worried about their survival.

By this point I was hardly moving, but managed to get the last coat of green on the big hex in process and then get out to “the moat” with the weed whacker to knock down the grass. It was getting hard to walk and I had enough trimmer line to complete the moat and the area next to the fence in the dog yard, as well as part of the dog yard. Next time I am in Bangor, I will pick up the two pre-loaded spools of trimmer line, as it seems that re-loading this particular machine is problematic.

I went against my original intention and managed to wash and dry two loads of laundry, though there are still a couple loads to go, tomorrow, along with the dust-coated things we were wearing while doing the tractor work today. Dry weather sucks as much as soggy days.

So this was today at the sign of the Fussing Ducks. We live to fight another day.



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