Unsettled times

The world is in chaos. I get that. But a friend posted a comment today “…our wisdom spans a decent length of a lifetime. And someone needs to hold the threads together, and mind the hearth.”

Folks may wonder at my posts, all about gardens and trees, birds and beasts, spinning and knitting and sewing and getting down and dirty with real dirt while the world appears to go to ruin. But these, too are needful things. As is righteous indignation, protest, support in the streets. I have been in that world; now I am in this one. And it is good.

SONY DSCAnd since we all need to ground, center, and regroup our energy and our focus, here is a cat, doing just that. Which they do best. (Firecat, who used to fit comfortably on the set-top box.)

If you need a little more context, President Trump, and all of the excitement and divisiveness that accompanies him these days, paid a visit to one of our local small towns on Friday. There is a wood products company there that ramped up production of the swabs used for taking samples to test for the current plague, so this is the tie-in. It is an area largely supportive of his party, but not everyone here is on that page so there were  protests. I sat them out, in keeping with what I wrote above. I will be in that town Wednesday, as it is massage day and selfish farmer/artist/witch that I am, my main concern when I heard about the visit but did not know any details, was to determine what, if anything, I needed to do to get the body work done. After months of everything not deemed “essential” (though this is hardly how I view the work my LMT does on me!) I really need to be worked on to be able to continue the “getting down and dirty with real dirt” that is required to grow stuff.

I have also started taking St. John’s Wart tea again. I am out of capsules — though I will have to buy some as I don’t have enough of the herb stashed to get through to the likely later-then-usual harvest time this year. I have not had much trouble with depression since moving to Maine, but suspect that the period of suspended body work, coupled with the variable weather than one can’t really adjust to and the general vibe in the world around me are all factors. I am feeling very UN-energetic and lacking in motivation.

On the garden side of things, we had showers in the forecast, but after that I was able to tomatoesget the tomato seedlings, into the ground and got their trellis deployed as well. And once the ‘maters were planted there was room on the deck to begin hardening off the vine crops. Yes, later than usual, but this useful tool tells me that this should not be as unusual as I feel it is.

2020grgb0601AbundProsp48On the hex side of things, I am spray coating a 48″ Abundance and Prosperity sign tonight and with any luck will be able to find a refrigerator box to cut down for shipping material tomorrow. Who would have guessed that large appliance boxes would become as scarce as TP and paper products, day-old chicks and seeds/seedlings as the pandemic progressed! I can cut and piece smaller boxes (and my smaller I am talking washer or dryer size, if I need to but it’s a PITA and I prefer to avoid if possible. I will take its official portrait tomorrow and hopefully find time between showers to cut blanks for several 12′ and 24″ signs on order. Busy times!

EDIT: I did not get this published before I had an unexpected away mission to Bangor and my first task, shipping a return via FedEx, took me by an appliance warehouse where I had previously scored a bit of cardboard. I prefer my usual source in Dover — the folks there have always bent over backwards to help me in many ways and on previous encounters with this alternate source, they wanted to just rudely point me at the (squashed, bent and damaged) cardboard in the dumpsters, taking no note of my reason for the search or requirements. I was not impressed and had not been back for some time, but since I had stuck out, and was literally driving by, I stopped. The single employee *got it* immediately, broke down a refrigerator box and laid it by one of the loading docks so I could get it into my truck. He was most solicitous of my needs, helpful and cooperative! So, we ship this coming week!

Meanwhile, my main project at the end of last week was my attempt to right and secure the PVC tripods that were our first experiment as a way to contain hops plants and encourage them to grow UP, rather than to take over the project truck, R2 and glom onto the ground weeds. Not the best choice, as PVC does not take to being lashed together very well and the hops bines do not like trying to climb its smooth surface. Plus, being light weight, the tripods “walk” and blow over. I have secured them to the ground, I hope, with some darn big nails we had around (and now need more of!) so we are crossing fingers and planning for next year’s solution. which will involve wood!


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