What I am All About

I am a crone (an old witch, if you need to know) that has, off and on, lived a modern homesteading life on and off grid, on and off over time since the 1970s. Some times I had to chase work (mostly graphic design which mostly needed me to be in a more urban setting) but I always returned to the country. Now that I am retired and have a small Social Security stipend, I am able to finally put down roots in Maine, a place where I have wanted to live for years. Fewer people, affordable land, a baseline ethic of self-reliance and a northern climate were the draws. I am, after all, a northern tradition witch (working with Frigga and her Ladies, occasionally Odin drops by and some of the other northern pantheon as well).

I have for years painted “Pennsylvania Dutch” (actually Deutsch, for German) hex signs. It is a family tradition from my maternal grandmother. You can find out more on my web site, DutchHexSign.com. It is a calling that I cherish and whether recreating a traditional design or working with my clients on a custom work, I impart the energies necessary to bring the full force of the prayer, invocation or blessing to life.

When I am not painting I am  likely to be working with the earth as a gardener (trying to grow all our vegetables for a year) or tending my flocks of poultry. In the winter (which is long here in Maine) I enjoy the fiber arts. Spinning is sacred to Frigga and I spin, weave, knit and crochet with many projects ongoing at any time.


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